Fees & Rebates

Standard Consultation                $180.00 (per hour)
Consultation (Concession)         $135.00  (per hour)

Clients on Workcover, TAC or Department of Veteran’s Affairs benefits are seen at no personal cost. These fees are covered by the respective authority.

Clients who have been referred for Victim of Crime Assistance Tribunal matters are not expected to pay the consultation fees.

Clients who have are applying to the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal or have been awarded compensation are exempt from payment of fees.

Clients with appropriate extras on their health insurance may also be entitled to a rebate. However, clients are only able to claim from their private health fund or Medicare, not both.

Medicare provides rebates for patients with a Mental Health Disorder who are treated by a Registered Psychologist. A full list of Mental Health Disorders that are claimable under Medicare is obtainable from the Consumer Fact Sheet on the Australian Psychological Society website www.psychology.org.au

The client must be referred by their GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician who must also review progress after 6 sessions with the psychologist. If referred by a GP, the doctor must complete a GP Mental Healthcare Plan, register it with Medicare and forward a copy to the psychologist.

It is expected that clients pay session fees at the time of their appointment. 

Cash, Cheque or Eftpos.  Online Medicare rebate facility is also available. 

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